Amarlane Foods launches new vegan butter, ‘Betterine’

Amarlane Foods launches new vegan butter, ‘Betterine’

Isreali company Amarlane Foods is launching a dairy alternative that it hails as “Butter’s Vegan Twin”.

Amarlane Foods is dedicated to the development of plant-based foods with only a few natural ingredients, and Betterine is made from just four: pure coconut oil, water, organic soy lecithin and arrowroot powder.

The new vegan butter is meant to measure out, behave and taste the same as butter and margarine, so consumers need not compromise on flavour or texture. Additionally, unlike other plant-based butters on the market, Betterine is unique in its ability to stay emulsified at high temperatures.

As well as being free from dairy, chemicals and additives, Betterine is non-GMO, contains no trans fats or lactose and is certified OU Kosher.

Amarlane will be offering samples of Betterine at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, from 4-7 March 2020. Visit Booth 8713 ACC Level 3 Ballroom.

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