PACKAGING NEWS: Gizmo gadget is a major breakthrough

RPC Bramlage -Wiko, part of the RPC Group, the European rigid plastics packaging manufacturer has launched a new gadget. It is a closure – called Gizmo – which instantly releases and mixes active ingredients at the point of use.

Invented and patented by Gizmo Packaging, the Gizmo is unique. When opened by a single turn the pressure chamber of the closure drives a jet of additive into the base product. This delivers a dramatic colour change, a burst of aroma or a fresh taste ready for immediate use.
The benefits of the product include freshness (as the ingredients are mixed at the point of use), accurate dosing of the ingredient and longer shelf life.
The product can be used with a wide range of container shapes and sizes in both plastic and glass containers.
It can also be incorporated into dispensing containers, which utilise hand pumps or trigger sprays.
The Gizmo allows an opportunity for customers to increase the functional effect and sensory impact of their products.
The active ingredients are totally protected from UV light and oxygen.

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