INGREDIENTS NEWS: Cargill launches new jelly ice

Cargill has launched a new jelly ice on a stick concept designed to appeal to both children and adults alike.

The unusual texture of the water ice owes to its ‘chewy creamy’ appeal and confection – like mouthfeel to Cargill’s Lygomme FZ 615 functional system.
This stabiliser system allows a water ice mixture to be combined with the texture and flavours of a jelly candy. This product allows processors to make a wide variety of ice creams, water ices on a stick, sorbet cones and tub sorbets. The smooth texture and warmer mouthfeel of this product will allow iced confectionery manufacturers to innovate and create enjoyable new textures.
The Lygomme system is also able to foam water ice at a very high overrun level (100% overrun is easily obtained). Processors could also complement some of the low sugar and no sugar solutions from Cargill, and latest flavours such as marshmallow, cola and strawberry.

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