Major brewery rides with the red tractor

Wells and Young’s has become the first major brewery to be certified with the Red Tractor logo.

The Bedford-based company will now carry the Red Tractor logo on all its bottles of Young’s Bitter in a move to assure consumers that the ale is made using only British raw ingredients.
Jonathan Tipples, vice chairman of Assured Food Standards (AFS) said,“The Red Tractor logo signifies that the ale has been brewed in the UK using hops, malt and barley produced to high standards on the farm.
“Wells and Young’s is one of the leading suppliers of speciality beers in Britain and we are delighted that a business of this size is committed to sourcing farm assured British ingredients. The company’s commitment to Red Tractor takes the scheme into beer territory on a significant scale which is great news for the British farming community and the continuing growth of Red Tractor.
Head brewer Jim Robertson, says,“Young’s Bitter is unique in the beer world and we are proud of this enviable position.
The Red Tractor logo now appears on £7.5 billion worth of UK food, available through all major high-street retailers. The amount of businesses signed up has increased by 50% over the past two years, and well-recognised names such as Dairy Crest and Nestle Cereal Partners now bear the logo.

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