Sproud becomes first plant-based milk brand to receive Sugarwise certification

Sproud becomes first plant-based milk brand to receive Sugarwise certification

Sproud Barista, along with Sproud Original, has been certified as 'low sugar' by Sugarwise

Sproud, the Swedish startup behind a range of plant-based milk made from yellow split peas, has been certified by Sugarwise, the international certification authority for sugar claims.

The Sugarwise certification, developed to help consumers make more informed and health-conscious decisions, marks a significant milestone for Sproud, as it becomes the first plant-based milk brand to receive it.

Sproud also announced that it has appointed registered nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, as its nutrition consultant to advise on the development of Sproud’s plant-based product range. Stirling-Reed brings experience from working as a nutritionist across various sectors, including for the NHS, and with numerous brands. She specialises in maternal, infant and child nutrition, and recently worked together with fitness profile, Joe Wicks, to develop his best-selling book ‘Wean in 15’. Sproud launched in Sweden in 2018 and is currently available in 15 markets via leading retailers and online supermarkets, such as Waitrose and Ocado in the UK. Its product range includes ‘Unsweetened’, ‘Barista’, ‘Original’, and ‘Chocolate’. The ‘Unsweetened’ is now Sugarwise certified ‘sugar free’, while the ‘Barista’ and ‘Original’ received Sugarwise certification for being ‘low sugar’. All four products are now certified by Sugarwise as ‘reduced carb’.

Maria Tegman, CEO and co-founder at Sproud comments: “We are so proud to be the first plant-based milk brand to gain this certification from Sugarwise. Our mission is to provide consumers with a sustainable, best-in-class alt-milk when it comes to taste, and products that are high in nutrients instead of sugar. This is a huge step for Sproud, but also an important milestone for our product category. Welcoming Charlotte on board, we can ensure that we continue to deliver products that are truly delicious, while offering the best possible nutritional profile too.”

Charlotte Stirling-Reed adds: ”I love working with brands who are keen to go above and beyond when it comes to the products that they create. That’s why I’m very excited to be working with Sproud to offer advice around new product development and support them with campaigns, and recipe development. It’s brilliant that they are the first in their category to receive the Sugarwise certification. To me, this shows that Sproud are willing to go to many lengths to make their products great! I’m pleased to be joining the team, to help make a positive impact on their consumers of all ages.”

The innovation of Sproud lies in the company’s unique ability to create products with a taste, texture, and nutritional profile that closely resembles dairy milk. All of its products contain essential amino acids, in addition to being vegan, and free from lactose, gluten, and soy. The ‘Unsweetened’ contains zero sugar, and agave syrup is used as a sweetener in its ‘Barista’, ‘Original’, and ‘Chocolate’ milks.

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