Waitrose opts for CO2 refrigeration systems at new fulfilment centre

Waitrose has commissioned a CO2 refrigeration system from Isentra as part of a full suite of systems provided by DD Cooling to operator Wincanton at its new customer fulfilment centre in Greenford, West London, opened on 4 March 2021.

DD Cooling was selected as the refrigeration engineering contractor for the project and was also commissioned to build the insulated cold store structures. DD Cooling brought in industrial CO2 plant specialist Isentra to supply three independent dual temperature transcritical CO2 systems and provide full system design and commissioning support.

Waitrose specified a highly resilient refrigeration requirement, so each CO2 system was fitted with Isentra’s Full Resilience option, which includes back-up controls and standby pressure regulators for the systems, which have a combined heat rejection of circa 800kW.

Isentra managing director Daniel Clark said: “Waitrose has been employing natural refrigerants to minimise its environmental impact for many years and the Greenford project extends the retailer’s existing CO2 portfolio. The application of CO2 refrigeration is rapidly becoming the leading cooling technology across a variety of applications in a wide number of sectors.

“CO2 systems deliver exceptional cooling performance at low cost, while also being very attractive from a sustainability perspective, with an ultra-low global warming potential. CO2 refrigeration is also a future proof refrigeration solution that will not be phased out, nor is it subject to costly management schemes or taxation.”

Dave Dobson from DD Cooling said: “Isentra has been a key partner on the project, supplying not only the CO2 refrigeration plant, but providing comprehensive system design, coordination and commissioning.

“We believe the futureproof CO2 systems installed at Greenford will deliver a highly resilient low energy refrigeration solution, and so we’re very pleased Waitrose is investing in this planet-friendly technology for such a major and high-profile installation.”

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