HANDLING NEWS: Locally sourced and delivered to the door

FoodariDirect.com in conjunction with Bank Farm, based in Aldington, Kent have come up with a novel idea – source it locally, make it special and deliver it.
What makes Foodari Direct different is that it offers superior quality local produce, together with kitchen cupboard essentials, all for great value.
Although it is localised to Kent and the south east the mission is spreading and the company is supplying top restaurants in London.
Co-founder Jonathan Parker said,“We have applied a simple philosophy to our food sourcing. If you supply local seasonal produce which travels minimal distances to arrive with the end consumer, then it arrives fresher, mean-
ing it is better quality and cheaper due to reduced transport costs.“We want to change the way people shop, support local farming and ensure that there is consideration for the environment.
“You can order everything you need for a weekly shop from fish to meat to vegetables and preserves; we even bake our bread to order.
There is no minimum order values, just a standard delivery charge of £4.99.
Foodari Ltd: 0777 1944460

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