Ulrick & Short launches new clean-label flour for GF bakery

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Gluten free is now a mature and well-established trend. So far in 2021, gluten-free NPD has accounted for over 20% of all product launches in the Bakery sector – an increase from 12% in the previous year. As premiumisation drives growth in the sector, and consumer expectations of products only continue to grow, developing high quality products is as important as ever.

In response to this, Ulrick & Short has launched a new functional flour, aimed specifically at improving viscosity, texture and structure in gluten free bakery applications. The new ingredient, called fazenda Nutrigel, is the latest addition to Ulrick & Short’s functional flour range launched last year. The ingredient acts as a viscosity regulator in bakery applications and has been designed to improve the moisture, softness and structure in a range of products. Nutrigel provides functionality in both sweet and savoury bakery applications – from breads and bread products to cakes and muffins, to gluten free batters and coatings.

Additionally, because of the versatility of functionality of Nutrigel, Ulrick & Short says it promises to be an effective option to replace existing rice flours on the market. The ingredient is also clean-label, non-GMO, allergen & gluten free, ensuring that all consumer labelling demands can be met.

Ulrick & Short development technologist, Emma Walker, said: “fazenda Nutrigel is a really versatile ingredient for gluten-free bakery applications. Whether manufacturers simply require viscosity regulation in doughs or batters without reformulation or additional textural benefits, Nutrigel is a viable product on both counts.”

U&S supply chain manager, Matthew Hurst, added: “In recent months, rice flour availability has been obstructed by a variety of issues impacting the supply chain. These challenges, coupled with a subsequent increase in demand has caused significant price rises across Europe, posing a challenge for many gluten free bakeries. fazenda nutrigel offers manufacturers not just an additional option for the supply of a key ingredient, but also a highly functional ingredient with additional textural benefits.”

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