CSM Ingredients strikes partnership with Allozymes

CSM Ingredients has struck a strategic partnership with Allozymes, a Singapore-based start-up that leverages proprietary platform technology to rapidly develop novel enzymes.

The ingredients company said the multi-year agreement enables the CSM Ingredients platform to collaborate closely with Allozymes to design and develop custom enzymes for improved and sustainable processing of natural, clean label, functional, ingredients.

This is CSM Ingredients’ latest step in its journey to becoming a “net-positive ingredient tech platform” and adds to the company’s existing enzyme partners collaborating in this space.

Aldo Uva, CSM Ingredients CEO stated that the new partnership with Allozymes represents the “latest strategic move in our game-changing approach” to business at CSM Ingredients.

He added: “More specifically, through a combination of enzyme and fermentation science, bio-technology, and our application experience we will be able to deliver a unique market proposition which capitalizes on clean label opportunities and scalability.”

CSM Ingredients’ investment in enzyme discovery is aimed at elevating the group’s scientific know-how and sensorial level understanding of how translate this intellectual capital into the creation of final products that feature excellent taste and quality.

The latest cooperation will focus on unlocking opportunities and delivering natural and high performing solutions for the food ingredients industry such as ancient grains, flours, specialty oils and fats, plant fibres, proteins, and more; solutions which underscore the company’s commitment to helping shape the future of the bio-based economy through actions that leverage advanced biotechnology to further its leadership in fresh-keeping tech and food waste reduction.

Peyman Salehian, Allozyme CEO, said he is excited to enter a strategic partnership with CSM Ingredients.

“Leveraging our ultra high-throughput biotechnology platform for custom enzyme discovery and development combined with CSM’s core expertise in sourcing, processing, distribution and sales in the business-to-business food industry is a perfect, synergic match for the development of functional ingredients,” he said.

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