New IFF Co-creation Center to redefine food and beverages in South Korea

IFF has brought together its flavour and ingredient expertise with food design capabilities to deliver innovations to customers in South Korea.

The company said the opening of its first dedicated food and beverage lab in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, reinforces the company’s commitment to Be the Premier Partner.​

The new centre will support beverage, culinary, snack, and dairy manufacturers with greater speed-to-market as manufacturers will have access to advanced lab technology, and the expertise and knowledge of IFF’s team of food designers.

The centre features dedicated customer co-creation design spaces and a dairy and beverage ultra-high temperature (UHT) pilot plant for small-scale product pilot testing. It also houses a professional culinary kitchen, where IFF’s team will develop savoury seasoning solutions for instant noodles, snacks, and local sauces.

“This innovation centre marks an exciting milestone, showcasing our dedication to pioneering innovation and enhancing accessibility for our valued customers,” said Dr. Li Yongjing, president, Nourish, Greater Asia, IFF. “As a leader in integrated ingredient and flavor solutions, our strategic approach enables us to co-create food and beverages that resonate with consumers. This investment underscores our commitment to ensuring that our customers can swiftly adapt to the demands of a rapidly growing market and evolving consumer preferences.”

The South Korean food and beverage market is currently valued at US$77 billion and is projected to sustain a 4 percent annual growth rate from 2023 to 2026. Millennials and Generation Z constitute 37 percent of the population (source: Euromonitor, 2022, South Korea population data). This demographic, especially Generation Z is reported to exercise significant influence in the market and is known for seeking convenience and experimenting with their food choices.

A leading supplier of xylitol and protein solutions in South Korea, IFF is also at the forefront of flavour modulation technology. Leveraging its deep understanding of local taste preferences and market requirements, the new lab will play a pivotal role in satisfying South Korea’s need for health and wellness, and functional products including high-protein and low or no sugar options (source: Mintel GNPD) .

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