O-I introduces lighter weight, lower carbon wine bottle in France

O-I Glass has announced the launch of a lightweight glass wine bottle with reduced carbon impact in the French market.

The rating is the latest proof point in O-I’s pursuit of its approved SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative) target to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions 25% by 2030.

Validated by the Carbon Trust, the lightweight glass wine bottle, named Estampe, is a result of O-I’s vision to be the most sustainable producer of sustainable glass packaging.

At O-I, the company believes glass is already the most sustainable packaging solution, as it is 100% and infinitely recyclable, and made from natural materials. The innovative Estampe bottle strengthens the overall sustainability with a reduced carbon footprint – about 25% less carbon emissions compared to conventional 500g wine bottles.

The Estampe bottle weighs about 390g, which is below the average of wine bottles in the French market. The R&D team at O-I developed Estampe to leverage greater recycled content, up to 80% or more on average – well above the current European average of 50% recycled content.

To maximise the credibility and overall sustainability of Estampe, O-I worked with the Carbon Trust to achieve the first validated, eco-designed 75 cl bottle to meet their criteria for low carbon packaging. The residual footprint offset by the purchase of carbon credits supports such things as orchard planning in France and reforestation projects in Brazil.

“Our customers and consumers alike continue to seek sustainable packaging solutions. The addition of a lower carbon lightweight bottle that’s validated by the Carbon Trust demonstrates how we’re innovating to create brand-building, iconic, sustainable solutions,” says Arnaud Aujouannet, chief sales and marketing officer for O-I. “O-I has been innovating glass bottles for more than a century, and as the demand for lightweight, lower impact packaging rises, we’re focused on transforming our processes and technology to meet that need without compromising on design.”

Estampe is designed to be right-weighted, functional, sustainable, and stunning. It joins an array of O-I’s existing lighter weight glass bottles across the company’s global portfolio. Lightweight wine bottles have been designed by O-I to meet customer demands for smaller impact while still protecting the taste and experience of the wine.

“At O-I, our sustainability goals are purposefully ambitious and aspirational because that’s what drives innovation and transformation,” says Randy Burns, chief sustainability and corporate affairs officer for O-I. “The thoughtful, diligent work in creating this lower impact wine bottle that’s validated by the Carbon Trust demonstrates O-I’s commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.”

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