Global recognition for Cargill food safety advances

Its global food safety activities have won Cargill the prestigious President’s Award in the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUoFST) Global Food Industry Awards.
The President’s Award is a new category that recognises efforts to advance food science and technology for the benefit of all.
“We recognise the application of modern science and technology to sustain and develop traditional foods, to bring them to a wider number of consumers, while maintaining the character and benefits of the original traditional food product,” explains Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, IUFoST president. “Cargill has been recognised for its food safety leadership, its collaboration and commitment to improving access to food and to ensuring food safety through education.”
“We are extremely proud that our commitment to achieving transparent, harmonised and science-based global food systems has been recognised by the IUFoST,” adds Luis Fernandez, head of Cargill’s food technology applications in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “As a global leader in food and agriculture, we are working alongside governments, industry and NGOs in order to promote food security – enabling all people, at all times to have access to a sufficient amount of safe, nutritious and affordable food.”

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