Hot dog launch

Produced by Smithfield Foods, French’s Hot Dogs are the latest addition to the brand’s range of mustard, relishes, sauces, and salad dressings on offer in the UK.

Jill Leigh, category manager for Smithfield Foods, says, “Our research showed that French’s is trusted by hot dog consumers, making it the perfect partner for a naturally beechwood smoked hot dog with no artificial colours or flavours.”

The French’s Hot Dog will be available in two sizes: Classic (35g) and Jumbo (90g). The French’s Classic Hot Dog will come in a pack of 10, divided into five ‘tear-and-go’ pouches of two, with portion control and convenience being at the forefront of the packaging design specifications. The Jumbo Hot Dog packs will contain four individually sealed hot dogs, locking in freshness and making opening and resealing easy. Neither variant contains any artificial colours or flavours and is made up of more meat than the current hot dog market leader.

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