Little and often

We have been discussing the growing trend of ‘snackification’ for some time now, which sees consumers moving away from the traditional three fixed meals a day towards more flexible snacking and grazing occasions.

Powdered sugar alternative

Earlier this year, Omega Ingredients launched liquid natural sugar alternative ΩMegaSweet. Following this, the company has unveiled a powdered version.

Move to automation

After just 12 months in business, The Great British Biscotti Co in Christchurch, Dorset, UK, is meeting rising demand – and now national distribution – for its range of biscuits with the installation earlier this year of a PFM Pearl entry level flow wrapper, capable of 150 packs a minute.

Biscuits for kids

Artisan Biscuits showcased its Two by Two Peach Biscuits for children at IFE, made with real peach juice and clotted cream, and with the scent of fresh peaches.

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