Sauces handle the heat

Frutarom Savory Solutions has launched new heat stable sauces, which can be easily applied to snacks, wraps or dishes as they remain viscous during heating.

Named fruit pieces

Taura Natural Ingredients’ latest innovation enables manufacturers of baked goods and snacks to include concentrated fruit pieces with authentic provenance in their products.

Chilli popcorns

Empire Bespoke Foods is collaborating with Tabasco Pepper Sauce to launch a duo of Tabasco popcorns – Sweet Chilli Cheese and Sweet Chilli BBQ.

Scrutinising sugar

At last month’s Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Awards, Ian Wright, director general at FDF, warned attendees, “There is a debate about to ensue, perhaps already started, on the place of individual parts of the industry… It is a reasonable debate, it is an important debate, and it could be an absolutely crucial debate in terms of our commercial future.”


Ingredion launches new online tool

Ingredion launches its new online reference tool, The Pulsepedia, to help the food industry understand how pulse based proteins and flours can meet the continuing consumer demand for nutricious, protein rich ingredients.

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