Eat in Colour campaign launched

The anticipated new three-year campaign Eat in Colour to promote fruit and vegetables has been launched. The campaign’s focus is to help people to find practical, quick and easy ways to achieve a healthier diet every day. With only £8 (£12) a week spent on fruit and vegetables, equal to the weekly spend on takeaways, […]


NUTRA NEWS: Blueberries are nature’s number one

Canadian Wild Blueberries have more of the antioxidant power than any other fruit or vegetable. Ranked number one for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, the definitive test of a food’s overall antioxidant power, studies attribute the extraordinary benefits of these small, sweet berries to anthocyanins, the pigments that give blueberries their distinctive colour. Anthocyanins are important […]


Chicory tips on the net

Speciality vegetable producer Jack Buck Growers is launching a marketing campaign for chicory on the internet. Ten thousand ABC1 names in the UK will be receiving a specially designed e-newsletter all about chicory. Full of recipe ideas by TV chef Rachel Green, it is illustrated with award- winning photographer Michael Powell’s images, and has competitions, […]

New partners join the Pea Party

Now in its third year, the Yes Peas! campaign, which is backed by growers and freezers, has two new supporters – PMC Harvesters of Fakenham, Norfolk, and Pinguin Foods UK of Kings Lynn. PMC are associate members which manufacture pea-harvesting machines, while Pinguin Foods is a freezing company, part of the Belgian Pinguin group. “We […]

Simple labelling prompts food switch

Labelling food products with clear, simple nutritional information produced ‘quite extraordinary’ changes in consumers’ buying habits in just eight weeks, according to a report on a major European conference. Speaking at the Annual Obesity Europe Conference in Brussels recently, Tesco’s European affairs manager Ian Hutchins claimed that consumers switched in a matter of weeks to […]

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Red wine recommended to protect against deafness

New research reported in the New Scientist has found that age-related deafness or hearing loss caused by loud noise or antibiotics could be reduced by antioxidants found in red wine, green tea and aspirin. Delicate hairs in the inner ear, vital for hearing, can be damaged by oxygen free radicals. These can be produced through […]

One more serving to a healthy life

Just one extra piece of fruit or serving of vegetables a day can contribute to a longer life, according to research supporting a new government health campaign. The ‘Small change, big difference’ crusade is designed to encourage people to make minor changes in their lifestyles to give them a better chance of living longer, healthier […]


Consumers check labels

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey has found an increasing awareness among consumers towards healthier eating. More people are taking an interest in food, particularly by checking the labels and eating more fruit and vegetables. The survey team interviewed more than 3,000 people over five weeks. It was found the number of consumers who claim […]

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Firms face challenge from health food fads

The current consumer enthusiasm for healthier eating is creating a challenge for food companies. According to a new report from JPMorgan, firms are unsure whether to continue with high margin products that are not deemed so healthy as the narrow margin wellness foods. A research report entitled Obesity: Re-shaping the food industry, says that profitability […]

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Award for Belgian researcher

A £5,000 international research prize has been won by a 35-year old Dr Chantal Smout, a researcher from Belgium. The award, announced by stabiliser systems supplier G. C. Hahn in Lübeck, Germany, was for“Structure engineering of fruit and vegetable products by controlling the enzymatic activity of endogenous and exogenous pectinases. Anne-Christiane Thomsen, general manager, believed […]

Heinz and Unilever to exit frozen foods

Both Heinz and Unilever have announced preliminary plans to divest their frozen food businesses. Unilever said it was undertaking a study into ‘strategic options’ for the future of its frozen foods business in western Europe. This encompasses the main brands – Iglo, Findus and BirdsEye – and will cover the 11 countries in Europe where […]

Study finds high pesticide levels in school fruit

A study by the Soil Association has found over 25% more pesticides in samples of fruit and vegetables supplied to school children than in those on sale in shops. The fruit is supplied to children under the official School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. According to the Soil Association, nearly 30% more instances of multiple pesticides […]


Early deaths warning from fats

Health experts have warned that the nation is eating too many foods containing high amounts of fat, saturated fat and sugar, which are likely to lead to premature deaths. Sales of fresh fruit and vegetables have dropped by nearly two per cent, despite government health campaigns to persuade people to eat five portions of fruit […]


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