Corbion launches antimicrobial solution for the meat industry

Corbion launches antimicrobial solution for the meat industry

In response to an increasing consumer demand for meat snacks, Corbion has developed a clean-label antimicrobial solution for the meat industry.

Corbion maintains that the solution, Verdad Opti Powder XM10, is effective at inhibiting mould growth whilst providing pathogen protection and longer shelf life.

High moisture meat snacks and pet treats are highly susceptible to mould spoilage. The traditional solution involved potassium sorbate, however this is now perceived as off-putting to a growing number of label-conscious consumers.

Tom Rourke, director business development at Corbion, says, “The ability of Verdad Opti Powder XM10 to provide outstanding control of pathogens and spoilage organisms is a critical competitive asset for processors, but in applications where mould control is a particular challenge, that’s where it really stands out as something uniquely powerful.

“Being able to tackle the mould spoilage challenge without alienating consumers looking for a clean ingredient label just hasn’t been possible before now. We believe this product can really impact sales for our customers.”

The company’s Verdad range of solutions is based on ingredients such as: vinegars, ferment blends, citrus flour and natural flavour.

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