BNF’s calorie concept launch

BNF’s calorie concept launch

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a new concept, the Quality Calorie (QC), in a bid, it says, to refocus attention on the quality of calories eaten and help achieve a balanced and nutritionally rich diet.

Developed by the nutrition science team at the BNF, the QC concept ‘provides a fresh approach to food choice and encourages people to not just look at the number of calories they consume, but also the quality of their diet to help them on the path to get enough of the nutrients that they need, and limit the amount of those that are of concern’.

By placing a focus on the nutritional quality of food and drink, the QC concept hopes to change approaches to healthy eating – helping people to think about small, simple swaps that can be made every day to improve the nutritional quality of their diets.

Ayela Spiro, nutrition science manager at the British Nutrition Foundation, says: “We know that as a nation we are consuming too many calories. We need to think about both the quantity and quality of calories, which is why we have combined both in the QC concept. If we only think about calories as numbers, then we might choose to avoid foods that are relatively high in calories but also have a high nutritional value, like nuts and seeds, oily fish and olive or rapeseed oil.”

The BNF has created a free QC concept resource, which outlines the approach and gives examples of everyday meals, snacks, drinks and how they can be QC’d to increase nutritional value, while maintaining, or in some cases reducing, the number of calories.

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