Coca-cola and PepsiCo quash CBD rumours

Last month, rumours were flying around saying Coca-cola were exploring cannabis infused beverages, but now their CEO has confirmed it’s not interested.

In September, Coke said that it was “closely watching” the growth of CBD as a possible ingredient for so-called wellness beverages. At the same time, rumors swirled that Coke was in “serious talks” with Canadian cannabis company Aurora.

However, CEO James Quincey has said¬†during a conference call with economy analysts, the company “doesn’t have any plans at this stage” to enter the CBD-infused product market.

PepsiCo has also quashed rumours of producing CBD-infused drinks and snacks. Hugh Johnson, PepsiCo’s CFO, said that the company “looks at everything, but has no plans at this point to enter into the market”.

This is likely due to that fact that while individual states have legalised the drug, it’s still illegal on a federal level.


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