Ardo upgrades factories with PolarVision

Ardo has upgraded its processing plants with PolarVision technology to continue ensuring food safety and quality of its products.

The fresh-frozen fruit, vegetable and herb producer invested in the latest Sortex F optical sorters from Bühler, featuring the Sortex PolarVision foreign material (FM) detection system. In addition they have taken advantage of the PolarVision upgrade kit and saved significant costs by retrofitting the advanced technology into their existing Sortex E sorters.

Ardo’s production sites are certified to internationally recognised standards, while complying with strict food safety and HACCP standards and the new technology will ensure that produce is as fresh as possible, while food quality and safety also remains high.

“Food safety is hugely important and we invest in the most advanced technologies to help us to achieve this,” says Steven Van Engelandt, Ardo’s group project engineer. “We’ve been using Bühler sorting technology for many years and now have their PolarVision technology on our sorting lines around Europe.

“The Sortex F perfectly meets our quality, safety and hygiene standards. Consumers everywhere are becoming more demanding. Quite rightly they expect high quality and safety from a leading brand such as Ardo.

“In our experience, PolarVision technology is one of the best digital-vision technologies when it comes to detecting FM in the industrial frozen vegetables process. It’s a jump forward”, Van Engelandt continues. “When we were testing PolarVision, formerly problematic FM such as snails and dark plastic, became visible, and were removed, with an increase in yields, due to a more precise detection of defects.”

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