Truly Yours launches Grab & Go granola/yogurt combo in Europe

A new grab and go granola/yogurt snack pack has been launched onto the European market by Irish company Truly Yours.

The snack pots consits of 50g granola with 100ml yogurt in four flavours:

  • Fruity granola with strawberry yogurt
  • Natural granola with peach and passion fruit yogurt
  • Nutty granola with cherry yogurt
  • Seed granola with raspberry yogurt

Joe O Connor from Yours Truly describes the product as “a perfect solution to a simple healthy breakfast and convenient all day snack.” With our lives becoming busier, Mr O Connor added “that demand for not just on the go food, but food that is better for us is now more the norm in order to give us the right energy.  We believe our granola/yoghurt combo fills that gap in the market.”

The packaging is fully recyclable and includes a non plastic spoon. The Truly Yours granola/yogurt snack packs are 290 – 315kcal per serving, ideal for breakfast or as a larger snack.

As an ambient product with a long shelf life, the Truly Yours granola/yogurt snack pack has seen significant success to date having been well received by the airline industry and is expected to be popular with vending machine operators, retail travel locations  and service station operators.

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