Serious Pig launches crowdfunding campaign

Snack brand Serious Pig has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £350k to fund growth of the business over the next three years.

Serious Pig started almost 10 years ago and gained popularity in 2012 as the craft beer scene grew and pubs sought to offer higher quality snacks to sell alongside their drinks.

Currently, the snack brand sells products that range from Great Taste Award winning Snacking Salami to Crunchy Snacking Cheese.

The brand is now raising the new investment to expand the existing product ranges by 300% and take it to the wider consumer market across the UK and beyond.

They will also grow the sales and marketing teams to deliver the marketing strategy which will include increased PR, events, digital communications, and advertising, which together will drive awareness and deliver higher sales.

The company has seen a year-on-year grown of 36% since 2014, and is valued in excess of £8m. Last year saw the company’s most successful financial figures to date, with £152k of sales in Q4 alone.

The snacks are stocked in stores including Tesco, Whole Foods and Fortnum & Mason, and all UK BrewDog sites.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog discovered Serious Pig in 2015 and personally invested in the brand. Since his original investment James has become an advisor and friend of the brand, helping them grow and reach the masses.

James said: “I’ve known the Serious Pig team for a couple of years and have watched them lead a revolution that’s close to BrewDog’s heart – similar to how we make craft beer, Serious Pig is passionate about craft meat. I’ve got high hopes that they’re the ones ready to seriously lead the snacking revolution.”

George Rice, founder and managing director at Serious Pig said: “The mission when we started out was to transform the snacking sector, much in the way craft beer has in the brewing sector.

“The range of premium snacking products began with Snacking Salami and has expanded to 10 products with more in the pipeline. Our 100% crunchy cheese snack is, we believe, a unique pub snack and has quickly become our best seller.

“When we launched we sold through a number of independent pubs and small pub groups. Since then we have added to these outlets, with customers across a number of sectors including travel, retail, convenience, and larger on-trade groups. In the last three years, our snacks have become so popular that the Co-op, Whole Foods and Tesco now all stock Serious Pig.”

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