New spelt gluten and starch ranges from Kröner-Stärke

Wheat and starch specialist, Kröner-Stärke, has launched new Vital Spelt Gluten and Spelt Starches to fulfil increased demand for spelt and other traditional ancient grains in Europe.

Produced from 100% spelt flour, the clean label products are made without the use of microbiocides, contain no additives, are GMO free and meet the highest quality standards.

The properties of the new spelt products mean that functionality in bakery applications is unaffected, allowing food companies to create premium products. The spelt product range enables the customer to label its product as “100% spelt”.

Vital Spelt Gluten is ideal for breads, bread rolls, pastries and baking mixes as it has excellent visco-elastic properties, helps to increase volume and stabilises doughs and batters. In addition, thanks to good water absorption properties, it keeps baked goods fresher for longer while aiding texture control.

With Europe experiencing an upwards trend in consumers opting to follow plant-based diets, or consciously changing their meals to include more meat-free days, Vital Spelt Gluten works effectively as a meat substitute in such products as burgers, sausages and nuggets, giving good texture control and ‘bite’ as well as being a source of protein.

The spelt starch range includes native and pregelatinised starches which are used for a wide range of different applications. Native spelt starches are mainly used in fine bakery products, for example in pound cakes or cookies, where volume, a fine crumb structure or a crunchy structure is required.

Pregelatinised spelt starch, ideally suited for bakery applications, serves to increase water absorption and increase dough hydration. Ultimately, it can help to extend the shelf life and freshness of baked goods like bread and cake with advantages to both the consumer and to manufacturers’ profits. In addition, the manufacturer avoids using E-number containing additives.

Kröner-Stärke’s commercial manager, Henrik de Vries said: “We have been carefully developing our new spelt range for some time now and are delighted to launch it to the British and European markets. It presents a perfect solution for food processors who wish to exploit the fantastic functionality and nutritional benefits of ancient grains across the bakery sector and vegan market. Our new product range enables firms to diversify their ranges to meet current consumer demands.”

Kröner-Stärke develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including baked goods, soups and convenience-products, battered or dietetic products, and has a reputation for technical excellence in new product development.

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