Natural rosemary extends shelf life

Vitiva introduces a new natural solution for the extended life of prawns.

Aquarox 10, an allergen free and GMO free rosemary formulation, was shown to be a significantly effective protector for preserving fresh and frozen prawns.
Seafood is very sensitive to oxidation and cannot be kept fresh for a long time if it is only refrigerated. Due to its unique composition it is exposed to oxidative degradation, which results in an unpleasant taste, odour, change in colour as well as microbiological changes.

Aquarox is a water based formulation that extends the shelf life of prawns and protects them from oxidative degradation.

Ohad Cohen, chief executive officer at Vitiva explains,“We have tested Aquarox on prawns sold in vacuum packs and in brine solutions. The results show that utilising the new rosemary formulation in the concentration of 0.2% on prawns in storage helps in maintaining their original taste and colour for up to five days.
Seafood processors are always looking for various methods of extending shelf life including refrigeration, freezing and pre-prepared thermal processing (deep frying and freezing) to keep good taste whilst maintaining high sales.

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