Plant-based deli range launched by Verdino Foods

Verdino Green Foods UK has added to its meat-free offering with the expansion of three new products. Joining its plant-based deli range is Mortadella with Pistachio (80g), Dry-Cured Salami (240g) and Bacon (80g). All of which will sit alongside the newly launched Smoked Salami and Pepperoni Salami slices.  

Available to buy now, via Verdino Food’s online store, the products have been developed to reflect the “real” thing, says the company. Its Mortadella with Pistachio and dry-cured salami has been created using pea protein and can be used in deli-style sandwiches, appetisers or as a cold snack. With bacon being one of the hardest food items to resist when vegetarian or vegan[i], Verdino Food’s has created a smoked plant-based alternative. Users simply fry and can use in sandwiches, on top of burgers, pizzas or as part of a traditional “fry-up”. 

As well as being free from meat and dairy, the Verdino chilled range is also GMO-free, lactose-free, soy-free and vegan certified. 

Ian Bailey, Verdino Green Foods UK country manager, commented, “With innovation and quality at the forefront of our mission, we have expanded our versatile product portfolio to include three new popular products that don’t compromise on taste or texture. With the numerous diet choices now available, each food journey is different and personal. We dedicate resource to develop wholesome, honest, great tasting products made with love for food and gratitude for the environment.” 


[i] Study commissioned by snack brand Nature’s Heart, January 2022 

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