Givaudan and Manus Bio launch sustainable, clean-label citrus ingredient

Givaudan and Manus Bio, a biomanufacturer of natural products, have introduced a “breakthrough” ingredient that answers market demand for sustainable, natural, clean-label citrus flavour without the cost and supply volatility of traditional citrus extracts.

BioNootkatone has a refreshing, natural citrus taste that can be used in a variety of food and beverages.

BioNootkatone is the result of Givaudan’s analytical, flavour, and processing expertise combined with the successful application of Manus Bio’s BioAssemblyLine Cell Factory engineering platform.

It uses a non-GMO sugar source as the starting material and is made without using any citrus ingredients. It is the most cost-effective and sustainable natural nootkatone available on the market.

Fabio Campanile, global head of science & technology taste & wellbeing, said such a sustainable ingredient gives customers peace of mind as there is a consistent and reliable supply.

“BioNootkatone will allow our customers to focus on what matters: creating delightful and refreshing citrus flavour experiences for their consumers with a clean label.”

Chief executive officer of Manus Bio, Dr. Ajikumar Parayil added: “Climate effects and agricultural diseases such as citrus greening have established a clear need for natural and sustainable citrus ingredients that are not reliant on agricultural citrus extracts. The launch of BioNootkatone is a major achievement in our successful, long-standing collaboration with Givaudan.”

With a proprietary biomanufacturing and downstream process, Manus Bio and Givaudan say they are able to deliver a consistent high-quality product. BioNootkatone is less impactful for climate change than nootkatone derived from citrus, because it is a comparatively lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission ingredient.

Nootkatone is a widely used ingredient in many citrus flavours and products around the world. Givaudan’s BioNootkatone taste profile offers signature woody, citrus, and peely notes.

BioNootkatone will become an important component of Givaudan’s expansive Taste product portfolio, supporting its strategy to enable the co-creation of food experiences for consumers. As such, Givaudan is exclusively commercialising BioNootkatone globally with Manus Bio retaining all manufacturing rights.

The companies plan to continue their partnership, deploying Manus Bio’s powerful BioAssemblyLine Cell Factory engineering platform to bring other natural and sustainable ingredients to market.

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