Crosta & Mollica enters pasta category with range of everyday dinner staples.

Crosta & Mollica enters pasta category with range of everyday dinner staples.

The range includes four new pastas and four pasta sauces, available exclusively at Waitrose. Image: Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica has entered the pasta category with its first range of Italian pasta and pasta sauces, available to purchase exclusively in Waitrose stores nationwide with products priced at £3.00.

2022 has been a busy year for the modern Italian food brand, delving into the dessert category with the launch of popular Tartufi, Tiramisù and its most recent launch, artisanal Italian Gelato.

Crosta & Mollica now unveils a range of four pasta variants, accompanied with four pasta sauces, bringing “authentic” Italian cuisine to UK shores.

The Crosta & Mollica pasta range is created with the brightest golden durum wheat Italy has to offer, sourced from a specially selected group of dedicated growers.

The pasta dough is crafted with freshly milled flour blended with water from the snow-capped Alps and cut with bronze dies for a rough texture, ensuring that each piece of pasta gets evenly coated in delicious sauce. It is then dried for several hours in the mountain air of the Dolomites, and finally packed in 100% recyclable paper. The pasta range includes:

  • Spaghetti – Bronze-die-cut 4mm Spaghetti is slightly wider than standard Spaghetti for a more enjoyable texture
  • Rigatoni – Bronze-die-cut Rigatoni, with a ridged texture that pairs perfectly with rich ragù
  • Fiorelli – Bronze-die-cut curled tubes with a frilled edge, resembling small flowers
  • Tagliatelle – Long flat ribbons of Tagliatelle pasta gathered up into nests

Crosta & Mollica uses only natural, Italian-grown produce to craft its range of pasta sauces. Naturally sun-sweetened Italian tomatoes are picked at peak ripeness giving the sauces a naturally bright sweetness, with no added sugar. The traditional sauces are then gently cooked over low temperatures to intensify the deep aromatic flavours. The Crosta & Mollica pasta sauce range includes:

  • Sugo al pomodoro – classic Italian pasta sauce, made with naturally sun-sweetened Italian tomatoes, gently cooked with fresh Sicilian-grown basil and extra-virgin olive oil. The sauce has a rich flavour and celebrates the delicious simplicity of Italian cuisine (suitable for vegans).
  • Sugo all’arrabbiata – a fiery sauce made with Italian tomatoes, gently cooked to give a natural sweetness that mellows the loud southern-Italian heat from the fiery chillies. Made to a traditional Italian recipe, the sauce uses a classic aromatic base of onion, carrot, and garlic (suitable for vegans).
  • Sugo alla puttanesca – a traditional Neapolitan recipe that uses buttery green Nocellara olives, capers and sun-ripened tomatoes to create a flavourful yet simple rendition of this classic pasta sauce (suitable for vegans).
  • Sugo alla norma – an Italian favourite made to a typical Sicilian recipe, by gently cooking sweet Italian tomatoes with crumbled ricotta salata (pressed, salted and aged ricotta cheese) and fried aubergine to create a rich, creamy sauce (suitable for vegetarians).

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