Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients inaugurates production facility dedicated to ingredients

The inauguration of the new Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients’ headquarter and production plant was held last week in Pilastro di Langhirano, in the province of Parma.

The company, founded in 2012 and acquired by CSM Ingredients in February 2022, unveiled a complex of approximately 6000 m2 that features spaces dedicated to both production and research & development of ingredients applied to the food and beverage sectors.

The site features a fully automated modern production plant with a production capacity of 15 thousand tonnes per year (at full capacity) for functional ingredient solutions and eight laboratories equipped for the creation of prototypes, conventional and gluten-free baked goods, ice cream, extruded and textured vegetable proteins, sauces and dressings, sweet and savoury fillings and plant-based products.

According to Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients, this step demonstrates how it will continue to be a hub for the research, development and production of functional and innovative natural ingredients. The product portfolio including fibres and new-generation vegetable proteins, substitutes for the likes of sugar, salt and eggs, palm oil, animal fats, in addition to systems for vegan sauces and dressings and also for gluten-free and plant-based products.

“When joining forces, at CSM Ingredients we identified Hi-Food as an ally with a unique and pioneering approach to the uncovering of sustainable and high-performing ingredients”, said Aldo Uva, CSM Ingredients CEO. “A company with a consolidated tradition in ingredients such as CSM Ingredients can be a driving force for a young company such as Hi-Food. Meanwhile, their fresh and pioneering approach can only add value to our group. Indeed, our complementary relationship is guided by a common vision: the belief that the evolution of food depends on the technological transformation of ingredients.”

The completion of the new headquarters, built in 24 months with an investment of close to 20 million euros, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of a group of 10 local companies, which handled the development of all plant and technological aspects, generating an estimated added value of an estimated 12 million euros for local economic activity.

The inauguration represents a major step forward for Hi-Food, which, over the years, has developed considerable expertise and knowledge of applications in the production and use of clean label and natural origin products, such as new fibres, proteins, gluten-free nucleuses and plant-based systems to create customised functional solutions.

Mr. Uva added: “For CSM Ingredients, Hi-Food is indeed a critical partner as it represents a key element in our vision for building a net-positive, ingredient-tech platform capable of producing quality products that generate positive impact on both people and the planet.”

In terms of new products, Hi-Food presented its Proteios line, a new range of textured vegetable proteins that enriches CSM Ingredients’ offer of plant-based products.

Hi-Food specialises in the research, development and production of functional natural ingredients and is part of the CSM Ingredients, a global player in the innovation and production of food tech ingredients.

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