Sudpack offers a complete range of films from a single source

Sudpack offers a complete range of films from a single source

Pure-Line from SÜDPACK has innovative material structures that sets standards in terms of functionality, processing capability and sustainability

Sudpack has introduced a range of films to manufacture food packaging, whose top and bottom webs are perfectly aligned and are designed to be processed on standard machines.

PureLine’s material structures also set standards in terms of functionality, processing capability and sustainability, the film works with meat, sausage, cheese, fish or even fresh pasta products and packaging requirements.

Sudpack customers now have access to a strong product family to replace conventional, non-recyclable packaging concepts thanks to PurePP.

The film manufacturer can help both national and international clients to meet recyclability requirements as the majority of material structures contain material components that are assigned to a single polymer family ha are classified as recyclable in many countries.

The recyclability of such a single-material solution can be substantiated by a certificate from independent external institutes if required.

Pure-Line films optimise presentation at POS and already available in film widths starting from 60 µm.

The material structures can be flexibly equipped with different mechanical and functional properties – puncture resistance and peelability, through high transparency to a high oxygen barrier – to provide optimum product protection and extend shelf life.

Low in weight, the packaging not only saves resources, but also has a positive impact on DSD fees and last but not least the overall carbon footprint.

“The replacement of many conventional packaging materials, especially by PP, has an additional ecological effect due to the lower CO2 equivalents of polypropylene,” said Holger Hoss, head of strategic product management at Sudpack.

The key features of Pure-Line high-performance films also include thermoforming properties and machinability.

Pure-Line films can also be processed on all standard thermoforming packaging machines, usually requiring only minor adjustments. High cycle rates in continuous operation are also possible.

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