Puratos UK’s first-of-its-kind Vegan Choux Mix sets a new standard in the world of choux pastry

Heralding the launch as a momentous day for both bakers and shoppers of choux pastry, Puratos says its first-of-its-kind Vegan Choux mix sets a new standard in the world of choux pastry.

The supplier of ingredients for bakery, patisserie, and chocolate, adds that the launch empowers pâtissiers to expand their plant-based portfolios to tantalise the taste buds of a market that, for too long, has gone without.

The vegan alternative rivals the performance of its traditional egg-based counterparts, resulting in pastry that boasts aerated volume, webbing, and a golden crust. Additionally, the subtle flavour offers endless experimentation opportunities with sweet or savoury toppings.

Puratos says it has simplified the traditionally intricate recipe and method of egg-based choux pastry by creating a simple, but high-performance mix that customers add just oil and water to. The new approach not only streamlines the choux pastry-making process but opens opportunities for bakers and pâtissiers to create vegan profiteroles, eclairs, and choux buns.

The UK market continues to witness a surge in plant-based eating, with 47% of consumers purchasing vegan-friendly products at least monthly, up from 42% in 2018, according to Taste Tomorrow research. Although other plant-based bakery and patisserie ingredients have emerged in recent years, including for croissants, Danish pastries, and cakes, a vegan-friendly solution for choux pastry remained elusive far longer. The challenge lies in replicating the distinct functionality of egg, which is central to the pastry’s structure, texture, and irresistible golden colour, each of which is easily achievable with Puratos’s Vegan Choux Mix.

Olivia Creber, R&D patisserie specialist at Puratos, notes it has taken two years to refine the Vegan Choux Mix, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection.

“At Puratos, we take immense pride in investing in cutting-edge ingredient technologies to cater to consumer demands, while upholding our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality,” Creber said. “Today, as we proudly unveil our game-changing Vegan Choux Mix, we are not only pushing the boundaries of plant-based innovation but also carving out a new era for the pastry and bakery industries.”

By combining the Vegan Choux Mix with Puratos’s Ambiante non-dairy cream, Puratos says bakers and pâtissiers will have all the necessary ingredients at their fingertips to craft delectable, future-forward products. They can also align their offerings with the seasons with Puratos’s upcoming “A Choux for All Seasons”, a showcase of a collection of recipes tailored for seasonal events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. More information on A Choux for All Seasons is expected in autumn 2023.

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