adapa updates SkinFresh Top Expert range for meat, fish and more

adapa Group has comprehensively revised its SkinFresh Top range and now offers “SkinFresh Top Expert” to better meet the demands of its customers.

The transparent, perfectly fitting films enclose the packaged product like a second skin, allowing it to be inspected from all sides.

The premium look also helps with the presentation at the point of sale as meat, fish and more are gently secured in the packaging and protected from drip loss by the tight-fitting, high-gloss film. This enables them to be presented in an eye-catching upright or hanging presentation.

Another advantage of Skin is its improved shelf life: compared to other common packaging methods, this can be significantly extended with Skin packaging. Finally, skin also goes hand in hand with convenience, eg for packing ready meals that can be microwaved in their packaging with suitable film.

The modern films for packing fresh foods such as meat, poultry, fish and cheese, as well as plant-based products and convenience dishes, now feature a new formulation for even better processing on all state of the art packaging lines.

The SkinFresh Top Expert range includes highly transparent, glossy and even printable PE-based films with a high barrier that tightly yet tension-free enclose the product. Elastic and at the same time robust, they can be used for food products of various heights and are also suitable for packaging products with bones.

The high-performance skin films are available in film thicknesses between 80 and 150 µm and seal reliably to PE sealing layers or APET and PP mono films and trays. For material-saving and thus resource-saving applications, it has thereby been possible to reduce the film thickness further and further while maintaining the same high performance.

adapa uses its access to various technologies and technical know-how not only to regularly serve the market for flexible packaging.

The SkinFresh Top Expert portfolio has a formulation that is optimised that it now plays a leading role in performance comparisons in the skin film segment. Users who want to see the optimised films for themselves using their own product as an example can take advantage of the services offered by adapa’s PackScience Center in Kempten and see the films in action live on traysealers or thermoformers in advance.

Modern machinery is available for extensive testing under the supervision of adapa’s team of experts. adapa’s technical application service also provides valuable support on a customer’s premises, enabling the optimum parameters for the selected film to be determined on the existing machines.

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