Longtime partnership between Univar Solutions and Ingredion provides specialty ingredients to European regions

Univar Solutions and Ingredion’s geo-expansion of a distribution partnership will see a diverse range of specialty ingredients go into Germany, Italy, and Switzerland to meet a growing demand for healthier, more sustainable, and flavour-rich products .

The longtime strategic partners have worked together for more than 30 years in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), providing expansive food portfolios for starches, plant-based proteins, and sweeteners.

Univar Solutions and PureCircle by Ingredion also work closely together to deliver stevia flavour modifiers and sweeteners that provide food manufacturers with deep sugar reduction solutions.

“We are extremely pleased to further expand our relationship with Ingredion, a supplier partner with an outstanding global portfolio of nutrition, health, and wellness specialty ingredients,” said Nick Powell, SVP and divisional president, ingredients & specialties for Univar Solutions. “Univar Solutions and Ingredion are two of the most influential and respected companies known for providing innovative and high-performing ingredient solutions. As we look to positively shape the future of food, our continued partnership over many years reinforces our shared commitment to delivering exceptional ingredients, service, quality, and innovation to customers worldwide. We value Ingredion’s trust in us and our dedicated Foodology by Univar Solutions team as we leverage our strong commercial reach to unlock new growth areas for customers worldwide.”

With growing health-consciousness and more sustainable nutrition on the minds of consumers, products that provide not only taste but also value and nutrition, and have sustainable origins are in demand. Food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to add nutrition, health, and wellness benefits to their products. Together, Ingredion and Univar Solutions can provide manufacturers with a leading, innovative food ingredient portfolio that includes modified, organic, and clean-label starches, plant-based proteins, and Stevia natural sweetener products.

Ingredion’s food ingredients work in a broad range of applications ranging from bakery and dairy to savoury and beverages. These innovations are designed to enhance product performance and customer appeal, facilitating reductions in fat and sugar content, along with improvements in texture and cost efficiency. Paired with consumer-friendly labeling, these efforts lead to the introduction of higher-quality products in the market.

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with Univar Solutions in key European markets,” said Michael O’Riordan, senior vice president of texture and healthful solutions for EMEA and Asia-Pacific at Ingredion. “This enhanced collaboration will provide our customers with improved access to digital tools and strategic insights for accelerated growth, reflecting our commitment to providing innovative solutions in texture and health. Our combined efforts aim to increase our responsiveness and speed to market, enabling our customers to quickly adapt to consumer trends with relevant ingredient solutions.”

From specialty ingredient innovation to recipe testing, food brands of all sizes turn to Foodology by Univar Solutions for help tackling product development challenges. Knowledgeable in-house chefs and food scientists refresh and develop formulas to enhance the efficacy of products through its network of food Solution Centers and test kitchens worldwide.

The companies will collaborate within Univar Solutions’ Global Solutions Centers, including a flagship location in Essen, Germany. Staffed by leading chemists, food scientists, and application development specialists, these innovation hubs help customers solve product challenges, meet the latest market trends, and take their products to the next level.

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