New modular hotfill machine

Sidel_Hotfill_MachineSidel, the international supplier of liquid packaging solutions to the drinks industry, has produced a new modular hotfill machine that offers customers an extensive range of possible configurations. Part of the Sidel Matrix range, it provides high standards of hygiene to meet the production demands of more natural and fresher beverages, even those including pulps or fruit pieces.

The new hot filler has been developed to meet high safety and quality production standards for any kind of drink – of high or low acidity – to be bottled in PET containers in sizes from 200 ml to 2 litres. It is suitable for still products, such as teas, isotonic beverages, juices and nectars.  Equipped with Sidel’s ‘Integrated Slurry Dosing’ (ISD), it also handles products with pulps or fruit pieces, sacs or fibres for products like pulpy juices, flavoured waters with fruit pieces, even Chinese Aloe Vera or coconut-based drinks. The new hotfill machine is also capable of operating at production rates ranging from 6,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour.

The radical, modular Sidel Matrix hotfill system has been developed to ensure the levels of product safety and quality required by the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry. This includes juices, nectars, still drinks, isotonics and tea.

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