Spirulina range

Sensient Food Colors Europe has developed proprietary technology in the extraction of spirulina blue that complies with both new EU guidance notes and FDA quality specifications.

The EU Guidance Notes on the classification of food extracts with colouring properties and FDA approval have provided the opportunity to use spirulina concentrate as a food colouring. Sensient has invested in a dedicated production line for spirulina blue at its facility in Corte Tegge, Italy, which specialises in the processing and concentration of aqueous extracts.

“This latest investment enables us to offer customers a wider choice of colouring food possibilities to meet new demands in the marketplace,” comments Dr Roland Beck, managing director of Sensient Food Colors Europe. “Using our proprietary extraction technology, we can produce a vibrant blue shade from spirulina suitable for use in confections and gum as well as ice cream, water ice and frosting type applications.”

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