Direct fired fryer

Direct fired fryer

Food processing equipment manufacturer FooDesign, a tna company, has launched the immerso-cook 16 direct fired fryer range. Ideal for chips, snacks, prepared foods, meat, poultry, seafood and battered and breaded products, the continuous frying system optimises production, lowers operating costs and improves environmental performance.

The immerso-cook 16 range of fryers features a belt feed system that can be customised for a wide range of foods to minimise the risk of product damage while optimising throughput speeds. To ensure product quality is not compromised by the waste typically associated with battered and breaded applications, the system’s base mounted mesh belt conveyor continuously discharges debris to remove all waste from the fryer.

Through their continuous oil filtration process, the fryers maintain the clean oil critical in delivering a high quality end product through particulate removal and fresh oil infeed. This prevents oil overheating and removes the potential for harmful fatty acids and free radicals to form and compromise finished product integrity.

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