Safety improvements for Norwegian confectioner

Norwegian supplier of candy/confectionery Nidar manufactures 150 products under 35 brands on 10 production lines.

Ingredients such as milk powder, sugar, starch and sour coating powder arrive in 1.1 tonne bulk bags. Nidar dedicates a number of bulk bag discharge stations to unload them, including six supplied by Flexicon (Europe).

The newest of the bulk bag dischargers is a twin half-frame unit, which handles two types of starch in a tight space on the plant’s fourth floor.

Previously, starch was purchased in 25kg, sacks which operators carried from the third to the fourth floor, where it was dumped into two large vessels, each holding 200-300kg. As the process consumes 100kg/hour of starch, 32 sacks were handled manually per eight-hour day.

Maintenance engineer Tor Ove Kvingedal says, “The operators were climbing stairs numerous times a day to keep the vessels filled. The starch dust is not harmful, but is unpleasant and can be very sticky.”

The new Bulk-Out BFH-C-X twin half-frame bulk bag discharger, also from Flexicon, holds two bulk bags side by side, providing enough starch to keep the line running for two or more days.

“The system also reduces manual effort, contains dust and improves the working environment,” adds Kvingedal.

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