Welsh board welcomes food waste commitment

The Food and Drink Wales Industry Board has welcomed the publication of the new Courtauld Commitment 2025.

The pioneering agreement, which brings together organisations from across the food system, is appealing for the first time to make food and drink production and consumption more viable for the future.

The commitment sets ambitious targets to reduce the resource intensity of the UK’s food and drink by one fifth, saving £20 billion, by 2025.

Appealing to food and drink businesses across the nation the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board has called on the industry in Wales to lead the way on these commitments, including tackling food and drink waste, greenhouse gas emissions and water intensity.

Andy Richardson, the chair of the board commenting on the new agreement, says, “Sustainable business practice is vitally important to the work of the Board. The reduction of waste and mitigating the impact of the food and drink industry on our natural capital are important to the long term future of the industry and it is for this reason that the board has today signed the Courtauld commitment which gives us a framework for collaboration towards achieving this goal.

“The purpose of the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board is to grow, promote and enhance the reputation of the Welsh food and drink industry to deliver the ‘Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020’.”

The Welsh Food and Drink action plan targets 30% growth in the industry by the year 2020.


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