GNT to double blue and green colouring foods production

GNT has started to construct an additional spirulina plant at its headquarters in the Netherlands, which will more than double its production capacities for blue and green colouring foods.

GNT says its spirulina based colouring foods give true natural blue and green colours to many food applications, including confectionery and ice cream.

The global market for food colouring is experiencing a strong rise in the demand for spirulina based colouring foods, GNT notes, adding that the company produces enough spirulina to colour over one billion portions of food per year.

GNT’s additional spirulina plant in Mierlo, it explains, will improve production and make processing more efficient, with high automation and low energy consumption.

“More and more major food and beverage companies are announcing the replacement of artificial colours,” says Dr. Hendrik Hoeck, managing director at the GNT Group.

“Being the only natural alternative to artificial dyes such as patent blue V (E 131) or brilliant blue FCF (E 133), the alga plays a highly important role in natural colour solution.”

Operations will commence in August 2017.

“With the new plant, we are completely fit for the future,” Hoeck adds. “It will further expand and strengthen our position as clear market leader in the production of spirulina-based colour solutions.”

GNT’s spirulina based colouring foods are concentrates manufactured with physical methods and water. Ideal for clean label products, no organic solvents, chemicals or other artificial additives are applied.

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