Neutral dessert ‘base’ mix

Ornua Ingredients has launched a ready to use neutral ‘base’ Dessert Mix, developed to carry a range of flavours and inclusions, enabling the user to develop many different recipes from one product.

HPC Technology, developed by Ornua, promises a finished product that has a natural appearance, strong texture and consistency in all type of production settings.
The chilled mix can be aerated by 80% to provide a light but creamy finished product which holds its shape well. If a thicker, more indulgent dessert is required, the mix can be deposited into individual containers without whipping.

Ideal for all types of cold eat desserts, the mix is spreadable as well as heat and freeze-thaw stable. It is also suitable as the basis for mousses and ice cream based desserts.

The dessert mix has a chilled shelf life of three months.

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