Round-Up: Shelf Life

Tropical snack bar

Here is your weekly round-up of Shelf Life news. Next week’s round-up will focus on ingredients news. To submit an item for inclusion, please contact Carly Wood at [email protected].

  • Cocofina is kicking off 2017 with the addition of a fourth snack bar to its range, with the launch of the Organic Coconut and Pineapple Snack Bar.
  • Swedish quark brand Lindahls is launching a range of products in the UK.
  • Gin brand Sibling has added a Winter Limited Edition flavour to its collection of premium gin, infused with cranberries and clementine peel.
  • Pots & Co, manufacturer of puddings baked in ceramic pots, has unveiled a new flavour, Spiced Apple & Ginger.
  • Oreo is introducing Oreo Thins, a thinner and more delicate Oreo cookie with a layer of creamy filling.
  • Dole Packaged Foods has launched two new products, designed to encourage the UK to lead healthier lives by increasing their fruit intake: Dole Frozen Fruit and Dole Resealable Fridge Packs.
  • Confectionery supplier Innovative Bites has announced that it will soon be the exclusive distributor of Trolli Candy, specialist of gummy and sour based treats.

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