Fat soluble flavourings

Sensient Flavors has introduced fat soluble flavours for fillings in bakery, confectionery and dairy applications.

Nine taste profiles have been developed as internal concepts, either as single or dual flavours: apple and almond, banana split, butter mint, cherry, mango, orange and ginger, peanut, praline and smoked coconut. All of the flavours are natural, suitable for vegan concepts and are kosher certified. In addition, the peanut and almond variants are ‘nut-free nut flavours’.

One application for the new range is premium filled chocolates, in which the flavours are incorporated into the chocolate ganache filling. To achieve visual appeal, Sensient Colors’ Spectraflecks can be used. These are coloured film particles that add colour to food products and provide, for example, chocolate coatings with colourful highlights.

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