Whitworths launches festive range for Christmas

Whitworths is launching a new Christmas snacking range, which contain festive flavours such as spiced fudge and orange infused cranberries.

Products available in the range include Turkish Delight Fudge, Raisin and Chocolate (210g); Walnuts (180g); Peanut, Almond and Cashew Mix (330g); Pecans (90g); Fruit and Nut Selection (300g); Almond Selection (180g); Chocolate and Orange Cranberry Medley (210g); Spiced Fudge, Fruit and Nut Mix (180g); Luxury Nut Selection (120g); Chocolate and Caramel Peanut Crunch (210g) and Deglet Nour Dates (300g).

The Christmas snacking range is available in Poundland stores across the UK at a RRP of £2.

The brand’s home baking offering has also been expanded this year, with the introduction of the Whitworths Christmas Cake Kit. The kit contains nine prepared ingredients that are ready to use, including marzipan, icing and decorative balls. It is available to purchase from Morrisons and Asda stores across the UK at a RRP of £10.

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