Crunchy Cranberries from Ocean Spray

Ingredient specialist J O Sims has launched Crunchy Cranberries by Ocean Spray in the UK.

“Texture in general and crunchiness in particular are trending characteristics across many food sectors and markets,” says J O Sims’ innovation manager, Emma Raper. “This new fruit ingredient from Ocean Spray combines the aroma and bright red colour of cranberries with a lasting crunchy texture, especially in snack, cereal and confectionery applications.

“Crunchy Cranberries Sweetened Dried Cranberries are slowly baked using an Ocean Spray proprietary drying process which makes them stay crunchier for a longer time,” says Raper. “We anticipate this new format being chocolate coated in confectionery, used as toppings for yogurt and salads, in cereals, or eaten as a crunchy ingredient in conventional trail-mixes or on their own as a snack.”

Crunchy Cranberries were launched at the SIAL food trade show in October, where they were nominated for the SIAL Innovation Award.

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