Döhler take taste on a multi-sensory journey

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As the consumer wish list continues to grow, many producers find themselves with what at times seems an impossible task. Can we provide ingredients solutions that meet this constantly changing list of requests? Consumers are now seeking more from their food and drink, and the question they now ask, is what can these products do for me? As well as being responsibly sourced, consumers want products that are natural, organic, low in sugar and deliver health benefits, but without compromising on taste. I met with Döhler at the recent BrauBeviale show to understand how they are striving to deliver all of those things.

Launched over 180 years ago, Döhler has built a solid reputation as a market leader in sourcing and offering natural flavour solutions. Their ethos of bringing ideas to life through innovation, trust, quality and sustainability led them to embark on a journey to deliver new soft drinks across a diverse range, from teas to smoothies. Each product has reduced sugar but with no impact on flavour. The launch of their multi-sensory design solutions in 2015 aims to awaken not just tastebuds, but also senses such as sight, smell, feel and sound. I was invited to taste some of these products and was pleasantly surprised by how well they delivered their objectives.

As a mother of two small children, fizzy drinks are a constant challenge. I was therefore slightly sceptical of the carbonated fruit offering that was presented as a healthy alternative for kids. But if the colour and taste were anything to go by, I certainly think this could be a winner. Another key market trend for Döhler is food on the go, healthy snack alternatives and smoothies, with an exceptionally high level of fruit ingredients. Daniela Meisenheimer, from Döhler, explains: “We offer transparent and clean label production, source natural ingredients responsibly and push the boundaries for high impact flavor.”

Other new concepts available are fun mojito slushies, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer flavours, fruit bowls and teas. With a range of tastes and health benefits as strong as the ones on offer, it would certainly seem this is a company looking to set the bar high for customers and consumers alike.


Katie Healy
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