McDougalls picks up the pace for pancake day

McDougalls picks up the pace for pancake day

At Premier Foods’ McDougalls flour mill, production has increased in the week before pancake day by 40%, producing enough flour to make 15 million pancakes.

The tradition of making pancakes began as a way of using up rich foods such as milk, sugar and eggs before the fasting season of Lent and McDougalls has helped hold this tradition together with their flour since 1864. The mill produces around 46,000 tonnes of flour each year, and as pancake day approaches, production at the mill steps up a gear from twenty-four hours, five days a week to seven days a week, allowing for an extra 500,000 household bags of flour.

McDougalls has been providing consumers with high quality flours for baking since the company was founded by the McDougall Brothers, Alexander, Isaac, Arthur and John, along with James Thomas, in 1864. McDougalls is now owned by Premier Foods which manufactures some of Britain’s best loved brands including Oxo, Mr Kipling and Batchelors.

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