Potatoes set to go upmarket

Branston Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of quality fresh potatoes, has launched The Real Potato Co, an innovative direct to consumer brand set to shake up the UK potato category with its range of new varieties.

The Real Potato Co will initially launch within 250 Tesco stores around the country with two exclusive varieties of potato completely new to the market – Bellini and Piccolo. With a strong commitment to selling only fresh high quality potatoes, The Real Potato Co will add to its range throughout the year with interesting new product lines that will include seasonal specific varieties.
Bellini, grown in, Spain, Italy, Israel and the UK is a Mediterranean style long, white oval potato with a bright, creamy skin and flesh. Extremely versatile with shallow eyes, Bellini is perfect for a wide range of cooking purposes including boiling, baking, roasting and frying.
Piccolo is a salad potato variety with an oval shape and smooth golden skin and flesh. With an impressive eating quality Piccolo is perfect for the summer months but will also be available throughout the winter as it stores well without sweetening as many other salad varieties do.
Jo Parish, Tesco account director, Branston Ltd said,“The launch of The Real Potato Co brand in Tesco stores heralds a new era for Branston Ltd. We are delighted to be introducing consumers to new varieties of potato and are confident The Real Potato Co’s ranges will speak to the growing number of consumers who demand fresh, high quality potatoes in a contemporary manner.
Branston Ltd. has sites in Lincoln, Somerset and Scotland. www.realpotato.co.uk

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