Sente Foundry & partners launch FoodTech: Health & Wellness programme

Sente Foundry LLC, in partnership with leading food product development company Griffith Foods, global food and retail company Yildiz Holding, and leading ingredients company Ingredion, is announcing the launch of its FoodTech: Health & Wellness startup programme. This investment programme seeking international startups for investments and pilot opportunities is a year-long programme with a rolling admission process for startups.

Sente’s FoodTech: Health & Wellness programme brings companies in from across the food value chain – from agricultural raw materials to food ingredients companies to major global food brands through the retail and e-commerce companies that serve consumers. Participating startups interact with these companies’ subject matter experts, including product development, food scientists, production and packaging engineers, marketing and branding experts, merchandising, and retail operations.

“Griffith Foods is focused on expanding our partner ecosystem to deliver on our Purpose – We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World,” says Jim Thorne, president, Nourish Ventures and senior vice president, Partnerships & Strategy at Griffith Foods. “We understand the urgency of helping our consumers gain access to delicious, nutritious, and sustainable foods and recognise that an ecosystem of like-minded partners is needed to ensure that we have visibility to the vast array of FoodTech innovation happening globally. We are thrilled to partner with Chicago-based Sente and are confident that being part of their programme will give us the global awareness required to accelerate the future of food.”

The programme features an intense set of activities to analyse and evaluate participating startups, connect them with projects within the ingredients, snacks, and “new health” food initiatives. Startups will work with the Sente, Yildiz, Ingredion, and Griffith teams using a structured process that better prepares them to attract serious investors and customers and places them in a fast-moving, talented ecosystem of FoodTech entrepreneurs.

Selected startups will have access to a global food companies’ full capabilities and reach to help them scale their development, manufacturing, distribution, and digital resources while also getting investment from its corporate venture capital branch.

As part of the FoodTech programme, Sente and its partners will host an online FoodTech Summit this summer. This event is open to anyone interested in startups and experts in the FoodTech industry. Selected startups will present at the Summit as part of the programme.

Startups interested in participating should be early-stage with novel ingredients, food products, packaging, processing technologies, and new experiences that cater to rapidly evolving consumer needs and desires. Specifically, Sente is looking for visionaries that are developing brands and technologies that help us eat healthier and make more healthy and sustainable choices when eating.

Applicants can be from anywhere in the world. To apply for the programme, visit Sente’s website at www.

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