Sensient Savory Flavors France unveils the future of savoury extracts with Nacre

Sensient Savory Flavors France has cracked the code in producing a savoury extract that is clean, sustainably produced, cost effective and delicious with its new Nacre umami booster extract portfolio.

Extracted from a plant protein, Nacre qualifies for clean, low-sodium, vegan labelling as a more transparently sourced vegetable protein umami flavour solution. Nacre is also neutral in taste compared with other ingredients typically used for umami and savory flavouring, which is a major benefit for multiple reasons, says Michel Salles, general manager of Sensient Savory Flavors France.

“At Sensient, we pride ourselves on delivering natural ingredients to provide deliciousness in any food application,” Salles says. “Nacre’s neutrality means that it enhances product taste rather than altering it, keeping product flavours clean and simple, with a pleasant, juicy mouthfeel. Nacre also provides food producers with a cost efficient alternative to increasingly expensive yeast extracts as well as reliability of supply courtesy of its production in region.”

Nacre’s other benefits include:

  • Salt modulation
  • Masking
  • Enhanced taste impact
  • Local sourcing and production

With Nacre, producers have a single product that can support salt reduction in meats, snacks and bread products; cover undesired tastes in meat-alternative offerings; and enhance the overall taste baseline in sauces, stocks and bouillons. Moreover, Nacre is a sustainable extract naturally produced with an upcycled raw ingredient, minimal processing and a low carbon impact.

Nacre is currently available in Europe and can be used in other countries by adapting labelling to local regulatory requirements.

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