Tate & Lyle solves stevia solubility issues with Tasteva Sol

Tate & Lyle has announced an internationally patent protected breakthrough in stevia technology with the addition of Tasteva Sol stevia.

The addition to its sweetener portfolio expands Tate & Lyle’s ability to help customers solve stevia solubility issues in food and beverages and helps deliver on consumer demand for healthier and tastier, sugar and calorie reduced products.

Tasteva Sol is being positioned as a premium tasting stevia that has over 200x the solubility of Reb M and D products on the market.

According to the ingredients provider, Tasteva Sol solves the solubility challenges often found in beverage concentrates, dairy fruit preparations and sweet syrups at high sugar replacement levels. It can be used alone or in combination with Reb M stevia sweeteners for high sugar replacement. It also offers exceptionally good solubility, readily dissolving in concentrates, and remaining soluble at low pH.

The introduction comes at a time when there is growing customer and consumer demand as the market value of stevia is expected to increase by 13% in 2026. As consumers continue to switch from full sugar to reduced sugar food and beverages, the perception and awareness of the benefits of stevia are increasing. In 2022, 32% of US consumers were likely or very likely to buy a product which contains stevia leaf extract (up from 29% in 2020). Tasteva Sol labels as stevia extract in the US and follows labelling guidance for JECFA* (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) approved countries.

Papao Saisnith, senior director, global marketing & innovation, sugar and calorie reduction, Tate & Lyle, notes a consumer shift from full sugar to reduced sugar foods and beverages who do not want to sacrifice taste.

“Tasteva Sol meets consumer needs as it provides a solution for manufacturers looking to formulate great tasting, clean label sugar reduced products where solubility often becomes a challenge,” Saisnith says. “Used alone or in combination with Reb M stevia sweeteners, Tasteva Sol is over 200x more soluble than other stevia sweeteners and delivers solubility and sweetness, which fills a gap among existing sweeteners and strengthens our overall portfolio.

“This addition furthers our commitment to transform lives through the science of food and helps our customers to meet consumer expectations for making healthy food tastier and tasty food healthier.”

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