Bakery benefits of new texture solutions

Bakery manufacturers can now benefit from what manufacturer Cargill is calling an ‘inspired new palette of bakery filling recipes’ that it says capitalises on its application expertise in both pectin and starch. Used at different ratios, the balanced combination of pectin and starch offers enhanced functionality and optimal texture in all types of bakery fillings, according to Cargill.

The new texture solutions, which have been obtained by using specific combinations of Unipectine pectins and starches from Cargill’s C*Tex, C*CreamTex and C*PolarTex ranges.

“Cargill is one of the few large scale food ingredients manufacturers to offer a full portfolio of both pectins and starches, backed up by years of experience in their manufacture and formulation, which have historically developed along parallel lines”, says Virginie Langendorff, Cargill’s processed fruit application leader.

“Whereas traditionally pectin and starch are offered in competition to each other for bakery filling applications, Cargill can offer the best possible solution – whether this is a single ingredient or in combination. This has given us the freedom to design new textures and functionalities with different applications in mind, based on researched synergies and the distinctive strengths offered by each product range.”

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